Monday, October 4, 2010

New this week...

Okay, well actually it was last week-My Baby is getting a tooth! Two now, actually *sniffle*......Kyan didn't get his first tooth till 10-10.5 months...I thought I still had time, but Gage turns 8 months old tomorrow-ACK! All-in-all, in really hasn't been too bad....he's a little fussy, but still sleeping through the night for the most part.

We went apple picking at an organic apple orchard in Ashfield, MA. It is SO beautiful up there. We had a great time-we brought along our friends Amelia and Sean and their brood, as well as my friend Kelly and her daughter Chloe (her husband, also names Sean, was working). we all headed back to the house after apple picking, made an apple pie, and had a huge meal with BBQ pulled pork, Green Beans sauteed with Bacon, and a green salad. It was a really great day.

In my previous post, I talked about trying to find the fun in parenting. I have noticed it is SO much easier to be a nice parent when you have backup. Generally speaking, when Jon is around, I am much calmer and handle things much better, maybe because I know I am not outnumbered? I have someone on my side? Not sure. With that in mind, I need to be extra on top of myself this week with keeping my cool because Jon is on a business trip from now till Thursday evening after the kids are in bed. The kids will already be missing Jon since he is gone-I don't want them to fell punished by me because I am losing my cool. So the mission is on to be cool, calm, collected, and fun. We shall see how it goes. I leave you with a couple pics from our apple picking excursion.

Friday, September 24, 2010

On finding the fun in parenting

I do not remember feeling this frustrated as a parent when Kyan was younger. But man, 3 is my least favorite age yet. CONSTANT "No No No No" from me gets constant "NONONONONONO" from him. He fights me on everything and I SWEAR he is going for World's Most Annoying Toddler. I LOVE Kyan to pieces, but he is making it really hard to like him a lot of days lately.

I have been seeking the parenting advice of a good friend of mine of late, and one of the things she wrote me in an email is that this stage is all about pushing boundaries because that is how they learn. Small children are not purposely trying to get on our nerves or needle us, this is just how they learn. And I am trying to desperately to remember that when Kyan has just licked Gage's face for the TENTH time or is running around screeching despite all my attempts at calm redirection to read or play with another toy or have a snack. Most days at the end of the day, I feel as if I have fought a war and lost. And I find myself asking "Where is the fun in this?"

Now, I know parenting is not all about fun and good times 24/7. Believe me....I am definitely of the mindset you must be a parent (which = disciplinarian, voice of reason, bearer of bad news, etc) before you are a friend to your kids. BUT, I see parents who seem to enjoy raising their offspring 95% of the time and don't constantly want to ram a sharp pencil into their ear or remove their eyes with a spoon because these activities sound more appealing then dealing with their "spirited" children.

So I am making it my mission to find the fun in parenting. I started out on this parenting journey with a lot of joy and hopefulness and, let's face it-expectations. Just because parenthood is not what I thought it would be at the moment doesn't mean it's awful. I just feel like a horrible Mother. SO my mission is to find the joy in this again before my kids start to recall that Mommy just screamed all the time and seemed really angry.

We did pretty well the second half of the summer. I cut way back on playdates and we stayed home a lot more when I realized that trying to get us out of the house and doing lots of activities made me stressed, which made me yell more, which made Kyan act up more. Now with preschool 2 mornings a week, I usually head up to see a friend on a third day, and before I know it, our weeks are crammed full. And Kyan act up more and more.

SO I need to find the fun for both Kyan's and my sakes. He needs my patience, especially when I least have it or want to give it, and I want him to remember childhood fondly, not just a span of several years where he was always in time out. Any suggestions? Yes, I do crafts, etc and try to give Ky individual Mommy time. I am just looking for techniques, if anyone has any ideas or tried and true methods.

Here are a couple recent pics-For Jon's birthday, I made him flannel pajama pants with a monkey print on them, and then made matching pairs for Kyan and Gage because I knew Jon would appreciate that. So here are the guys in their matching pants:

Friday, September 17, 2010


After quite a long hiatus, I'm back!

In the all the time I have NOT been posting, I had my second son, Gage. He is now 7 months old and very happy and bouncy. The first couple months were rough-he was colicky, didn't sleep great. I have cut out dairy and eggs (Gage tested very SLIGHTLY positive to an egg allergy) which seems to help. Adjusting to being a Mother of two has been HARD. It is definitely a game changer.

I have no idea how often I will be back on here-I am just trying this back on for size, so to speak, to see how it goes. If you read this (hi, Mom, you are my only reader!), then I am forever grateful. My hope is to post recipes on here that I am trying out, new eco-friendly cleaning recipes and tricks, etc, as well as blog posts of the "what's new on the homestead" variety.

I have a lot going on right now. I am President of my local Mom's Club, Kyan is in preschool, Gage is sitting up, and I have a table stacked with books that I want to be reading:
"The Omnivore's Dilemna" by Michael Pollan
"Holy Cows and Hog Heaven" by Joel Salatin
"Simplicity Parenting" by Kim John Payne
"Buddhism for Mothers" by Sarah Napthali
"Natural family Living" by Peggy O'Mara

I leave you with a pic of the men in my life-aren't they handsome?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In Conclusion...

All this to say-I love my son dearly, I am just having a hard time with the current non-napping situation, an I am starting to get cranky as the third trimester closes in on me...I am tired and achey and getting punched/kicked in the cervix or ribs on a regular basis. But Motherhood is wonderful, and I would not have it any other way....unless three hour naps could be included in there somehow.

Oh Yeah...

And in other news, yes, Baby #2 is a boy, and my Hospital DID get in a birthing tub, so if everything goes to plan, I will be pushing Baby Boy #2 out in the water :-)

Here are two recent pics-Me at 27 weeks and 2 days pregnant, and one of Kyan and Jon waking up together (pre-binky weaning):

This Bud's for You (Mom)

Mom, since you are the only one checking my blog anymore......Here is life in a nutshell.

I dislike the Two's. I find this age to be distinctly unfun. I hate the constant "no's" (me), the constant tantrums (me AND Kyan), the truly disgusting poopy diapers (Kyan), the time outs (Kyan)......and now we are dealing with naps. We weaned Kyan off the binky completely three weeks ago. Suddenly, for the last week, he has totally not been napping. Since he developed Seperation Anxiety in September, he won't nap anywhere but out bed. Now he won't even fall asleep there. So I tried switching it back to his room, tried letting him sleep on the couch, letting him sleep on the big papasan chair in the kitchen......the only thing I refuse to try is letting him fall asleep while watching TV. It may work for some kids, but Kyan will never fall asleep in front of the TV, ESPECIALLY because I am trying to limit how much he watches these days...TV is like crack to this kid. Today, as I type, Kyan is actually sleeping, though it took me a full hour and a half to get to go to sleep. But I don't have high hopes of this lasting long, as he has developed a nasty cold, and I can hear him hacking up a lung up there.....

I always knew I was in for it with Kyan......He was SUCH a calm and easy going baby, easy to get to sleep, not fussy, generally just happy and played wwell on his own......Now, as a mobile toddler, he is into everything. He is pretty tall for his age, so there is pretty much nothing out of his reach, and he definitely has a lot to say. He's still a lot more calmer than some other toddlers I know, and tantrums in public are infrequent, but when they do happen, watch out! I am continueing the time honored tradition started by my Mother where, if I am able, I just walk away. If it's in a place where it causes a big disruption to others, then we leave. I am hoping this works in the long run, since I feel tantrums are an attention getting tactic, and I do NOT want Kyan thinking he can get attention in this manner. So Kyan is not really a bad kid, just into everything, which sometimes gets.....destructive. I am starting to have a minimalist decor out of necessity, because wants to play and touch everything, and sometimes breaks things. We need to replace out DVD/VHS player because in the span of a week, Kyan managed to break the mechanisms in both sides by trying to shove stuff into the openings. So we can't watch any movies right now...

However, the brighter sie of this is that Kyan is an extremely sweet and loving little boy (as long as you don't want to change his diaper...potty training is WAY off for this kid). He loves to give hugs, still loves to be held, loves to give kisses, sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", Count to Ten, Sing the Alphabet. He is also likes watching me cook...okay, so he likes to try and get me to do something else when I need to cook, so I have tried to turn this into a positive by giving him little jobs when I make dinner....If I cut the carrots, I bring a little stool over to the counter and let him put all the carrots into a bowl. Then I give him a spoon and let him just mix them around for a while...this kept him entertained for a full half hour one night last week. He also likes to hold hands with pretty much anyone....Some of his toddler buddies go with the flow on this, some do not.

Given that Kyan has such a propensity for getting into everything, and given that he has a baby brother on the way who may also be into everything, I have tried to get rid of any and all toxic chemicals in my house. although my kitchen cabinets are baby-proofed, cleaning products are accessible in both my bathrooms, which have very little storage. but I have switched to homemade, eco-friendly anti-bacterial sprays in the kitchen, and baking soda...

And Kyan is up...20 minutes was all......I must leave it here, it seems....

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am trying to get my local hospital (Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, MA) to put in a waterbirth tub and adopt a waterbirth policy. Despite the fact that funding is available for this, there is strong resistance from some hospital executives, as well as some of the local area OB's. I want this option not only for myself, but for all local women who choose to birth at CDH-it has been shown to reduce the need for drugs and episiotomies by a significant percentage, and enables women to feel more empowered by their birth by giving them choices.

Even if CDH is not your hospital of choice, please sign this petition if you believe in giving women more choices in how they birth!

My goal is 1,000 signatures over the next few weeks-Signing is easy-just click on the link, fill in your info, click submit, and make sure to opt out of the 2 newletters you will otherwise be sent.

I appreciate any and all support on this issue!!