Thursday, November 8, 2007

Some new pics

Sorry for my last post-I am a really good whiner.....Hope Ky does not inherit that trait.....We started him on rice cereal at lunch this past week, since he gets SO hungry around 3:30pm-4:00pm, and I am not done work till 5pm.....and nursing AND working at the same time is pretty impossible....At any rate, it seems to be tiding him over till I can nurse him at 5pm, which is good, but I am sure I will hear it from the pediatrician at his 4 month appointment.....I've probably damned him to a life of obesity and comic book collecting or something....

Jon's and my wedding anniversary is coming up on Nov. 13 (3 years! Bet you all thought he'd have killed me by now cause I'm such a pain in the ass, huh?), so we are going out to dinner at The Federal, which is a really nice restaurant in Agawam-mmm...Yummy food and wine......Grammie Pammie and Grandpop will be watching Ky Guy while we are out.....Anyone have any suggesitons on what I should wear??

Tummy Time
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He's in a really good mood in the mornings-this was taken at 6am...
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I flashed my cleavage to get him to smile like that-he thought it was lunchtime....
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Molli Rocket said...

Dude, your kid is so cute he borders on the ridiculous. I especially like his hair.
Hope you're family is well baby.