Monday, June 30, 2008

Sponsors so far

I know, you are AMAZED at the plethora of posts today....

Okay-I weighed myself at lunch (which was a salad, by the way, with fresh picked lettuce from the garden)-My Start weight is: 185

Because I have awesome friends, here are the sponsors I have so far:

180 lbs: Amelia , my super scrap booking friend, will lose the first 5 lbs with me, then buy me 5 new songs on ITunes to keep me motivated. I will be taking her on a roller coaster at Six Flags :-)

167 lbs-Kelly , hysterical blogger and PhotoShop enthusiast, has offered to frame a picture of Kyan, as long as I send her the pic.

165 lbs: Asha , The tutu maker extraordinaire, will give me a $25 gift card to Victoria's Secret.

145 lbs: Melody, who is a FABULOUS sewer, has offered to make me a dress of my choosing.....I want something fun and twirly! :-)

There are a few more people who want to sponsor, they just need to pick the weight goal they want to sponsor.

Asking for Help

Since I have seen the wedding video myself, I am appalled at how big I have gotten. To top it all off, my thighs were raw from rubbing together all day, and my knees were killing me. So this morning, I got out of the house before work and took a 30 minute walk with the baby, sweating my butt off the whole time. But since I have said before that I want to lose weight, I am wondering if you all would be able to help me:

I saw this idea on Rachael Ray, and thought it was a good one.
I would like you guys to SPONSOR my weight loss. This is not about money. When I say Sponsor, I mean, pledger to do something that helps keep me motivated. As an example, "fill in the blank" will shave their head when I have lost 15 pounds, and "Fill in the blank #2" will come with me to Six Flags when I have lost 20 pounds. And if someone REALLY DID offer to shave their head or something at a certain weight loss mark, and other people really wanted to see that, then you would sponsor the pounds that came before that to really motivate me to get to that goal. Does this make sense?
More than anything, I want to be healthy-For my family and my friends-and I want to set a good example to Kyan. But I need help, because I have tried to lose weight in the past, and I am just NOT motivated-I GENERALLY eat healthfully, but I have huge issues with portion control and ice cream. And I hate to exercise. BUT, I can make all the excuses that I want...but they are just excuses.
If anyone is willing to help me, I will happily post updates on my blog, as well anyone who offers to sponsor me at a certain weight loss point and what they pledged, etc.
I estimate myself to be about 185 pounds at the moment (which is under my pre-pregnancy weight with Kyan, if you can believe that), and would like to lose approximately 50 pounds, though I am not so concerned with the total weight loss as I am with being healthy and getting down to a Size 8. I am currently a Size 14.
And here is an unflattering pic of me to give you an idea:
So if you'd like pledge something/anything (be creative!), please do so in the comments section.

The Wedding of Chad and Marcie

I am in video upload HELL right now......There is a bottle of bourbon shoved in my mouth right now to muffle the frustrated screams that have escaped from my mouth......Fear not, I will figure it out.....Until them, some pictures of the bride will have to suffice (none of me, as I was obviously taking the photos).

The wedding went well-It was UNGODLY hot and humid, which is why I am so glad I got my hair done in an updo......It would be kind of off putting if the wedding officiant had limp, wet hair at the ceremony ("Who's that greasy, sweaty person standing next to the bride and groom?"). It started to rain a bit when were were on our way to the ceremony, but it stopped, and the rain held off long enough to perform the ceremony, which was just over 10 minutes long.

After the ceremony, the bridal party waited around outside for over an HOUR while the photogrpaher took pictures of the both the bride and groom's sides of the family. Luckily, we were all comped a drink during this time, so that eased the pain a BIT.

Eventually, dinner was served (food was actually decent), and the dancing commenced. Since Jon was shelling out $12 at a shot if we BOTH wanted a drink, it's needless to say I was not blitzed enough to make a total ass out of myself on the dance floor. I did make a partial ass out of myself because, hey, that's what I do, but that's pretty typical, so no surprises there.

Jon and I departed a bit after 11pm-that's pretty late for us these days, and after arriving home, Jon realized that he still had the bride's suitcase for the honeymoon in the back he drove all the way back down to Enfield to deliver before Chad and Marcie left.

As the officiant, all that was left for me to do was to fill out a section of the marriage license and put it in the mail to the Town Clerk's office, which I did this morning, via certified mail.

On to the pics:
Excited and ready to go!

In the limo:

Cutting the cake:

First a few of Kyan

From our the Pirate themed party our friends Seth and Julie and their daughter JoJo had:

Happy Baby pics:

Trying on other people's shoes:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hello, pretty people-

I have either been too sick or busy to post...Which one is it? BOTH.

The cold that refuses to die has come back to haunt me again. I called out of work yesterday because I was feeling too crappy.

Father's Day was nice. I got up, made JOn breakfast, and we laid around. We went to go a see a matinee movie ("Don't mess with the Zohan"), which was both funny and stupid.....many ongoing gags involving Hummus. I love walking in with a baby and having other movie goers inwardly groan, only to have Kyan not make a peep the entire movie! We've seen three movies with him this way---He usually just falls asleep. And no, we don't see anything raunchy or violent if he is with us.....Then we went out to dinner with Jon's parents to a nice restaurant in Sunderland called "The Blue Heron", which was also quite nice. I got Jon a t-shirt that says "Jacobsen 1.0", and a romper for Kyan that says "Jacobsen 2.0".

I gave Kyan a haircut yesterday (all on my own!)...It's very hard to cut the hair of a moving target. It's not perfect, but Kyan's hair grows so fast, I can't be spending $10-$15 every time he needs a haircut (which is often-Wolfman, here we come!)

We also just got a new bed delivered today....We purchased the Budget version of a's The BOBo-pedic! Can't wait to try it out tonight!

And since I know your just here for the pics of Mr. Uber-Adorable, here ya go:

Thoughtful Kyan:

Happy Kyan:

Kyan wishes you Namaste:

I have TOYS!

What are you looking at?

No photographs, please-This is a restricted area:

Kyan in profile:

Kyan's Hair after the haircut:

Pics of the TOOTH-You can just see it coming up now, even though I have been able to feel it for over a week:

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pour me another....

I apologize for the lack of has been busy, and I am tired.

Not much goign on.....Jon has been workign tireless inthe garden, watering daily and clearing away weeds while I watch.

Kyan FINALLLY FINALLY had his tooth break through...all those times in the past where I thought I felt the tooth break through..I was wrong. There is a sharp little razor ridge in his bottom gum now, and I have NO doubt that it's the real thing. And I think his right bottom tooth is not far behind.

Kyan new favorite activities: Pulling ALL the books off of his bookshelf......he'll look at me, clap, and smile, and then commence with destruction of the bookshelf. His other favorite activity is closing and opening doors......Except, once he closes a door all the way, he can't open it again (being 2 1/2 feet tall, he can't reach the doorknob). Then he cries, but it's hard for ME to open the door since he's parked himself right in front of it.

Jon finally got a phone through work on Tuesday. It's a fancy one that you can check Internet and email on and all that fun stuff. Then last night, he accidentally dropped it in the dog's water bowl. The man is a walking accident. Fortuneatly for him, the Bindery has hazard insurance for all the phones......They will get their money's worth just with Jon.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Enjoying the breeze..

And some other pics from vacation:

Someone has been eating sand....

That someone hates me in this picture:

Kyan in his fortress:


This time he hates JOn:

"The Chataeu Kyan"

Kyan and Aunt Carrie:

My Little Pervert:

The BLISS that comes along with Children

Poop is ALWAYS funny.
The POOP!! Post

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chopsticks, anyone?

I have sold Scooter to the Chinese Food restaurant down the street.

Okay, so I haven't sold him YET, but I fully intend to. That damn dog had my up THREE times last night to go to the bathroom.....My ten month old wasn't up ONCE. Apparently I'll have to start diapering the dog.

So this morning, after DRAGGING myself out of bed when I heard the baby stirring, I took Scooter donwstairs and threw him outside, mostly for his own protection. Cause if I had looked at him for one more second he'd currently be a dog skin rug in my hallway.

I gave the baby his bottle and prepared to get in the shower (Jon comes home today from Germany, and although nothing says "I love you and welcome home" like the scent of baby pee and masticated Cheerios stuck in your hair, I needed the hot water to wake me up). The entire time Scooter was barking his head off. I silently vowed to buy a muzzle. The phone rang while I was in the shower...ah, pandemonium.

Once I was showered and had the baby downstairs, I checked the message. It was one of my neighbors alerting me to the fact that there was a mother raccoon and SIX baby raccoons in the tree on the edge of my property and that they could be rabid....AWESOME....and I thought today would be boring.

I ushered Scooter inside and looked at the tree in the corner of the yard.......14 beady little eyes were staring back at me. Now, reader, please don't get me wrong-I love animals-Just not potentially rabid ones.

Eventually, the racoons climbed out of my tree and made their way across the street. Three of the older ladies who live on my street are stalking the raccoons to see where they go next. Apparently, these raccoons live under the shed of another house down the street, along with 2 skunks and like, 8 feral cats. The homeowners are FEEDING them because they are "cute".

So I called West Springfield Health Services, who told me I should only let Scooter out when I can keep a close eye on him........Yeah..not so helpful.......I got a fenced in yard for a reason.

So, I am sicking my mother-in-law on their asses. She will call them and yell at them and write letters to our local newspaper. The way she sees it, Kyan might as well already have rabies because of those roaming raccoons, and she WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.

So take THAT, Health Department.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

And.....We're back!

Vacation Post, Part 1:

It's okay...don't cry...I'm back......Flattered that you missed me so much, though :-)

Vacation was wonderful...blissful...time with my family...timae away from work......if only every day could be like that....Now, it is back to the grind....Jon is Germany on a business trip, and I am at home, working, taking care of Kyan and Scooter, and holding down the fort...all alone.....Please pity me and send me red wine.

With the exception of the rotten cold I came down with the day before we left that is STILL lingering, I cannot really complain.

I was SO excited for Kyan to experience the ocean....he was somewhat less enthused...He LOVES wster and baths, but the ocean was just too cold for him, I think.....We would set the hot tub on the lowest setting and play with him in there, and he had a BALL.

Jon and I even managed dinner out one night, since everyone else would stay at the house and watch the baby......then we went to see the new "Indiana Jones"....Um, not impressed......

Anyway, here are some pics from the vacation:

Kyan on the rocking horse at my parents house:

Testing out the water on the beach:

Kyan and Jon chillaxin':

Me and Kyan chillaxin':

Early morning walk on the beach (which Kyan loved until he fell asleep):

A washed up jellyfish on our walk:

My Mom and Dad with Kyan on their "Anniversary" night-Celebrating being married 30 years!:

Me, Jon, and Kyan:

Kyan with my Mom, cousin Sarah, and her boyfriend Scott:

Mom and Me at the Elizabethan Gardens:

Mom and Aunt Mary Jane at the Elizabethan Gardens:

Carrie and My Dad with Kyan (this kid should be a mascot!):

Jon and Kyan (One of two photos in existence that shows Jon ACTUALLY relaxed):

Kyan and me at the Elizabethan Gardens:

Carrie and Steve with Kyan:

There are more photos to come......

And I have an explanaiton as to why I look so fat in these photos......It's because, well, I am AM fat. So I will be working on that this summer...You heard it here, folks!