Monday, October 4, 2010

New this week...

Okay, well actually it was last week-My Baby is getting a tooth! Two now, actually *sniffle*......Kyan didn't get his first tooth till 10-10.5 months...I thought I still had time, but Gage turns 8 months old tomorrow-ACK! All-in-all, in really hasn't been too bad....he's a little fussy, but still sleeping through the night for the most part.

We went apple picking at an organic apple orchard in Ashfield, MA. It is SO beautiful up there. We had a great time-we brought along our friends Amelia and Sean and their brood, as well as my friend Kelly and her daughter Chloe (her husband, also names Sean, was working). we all headed back to the house after apple picking, made an apple pie, and had a huge meal with BBQ pulled pork, Green Beans sauteed with Bacon, and a green salad. It was a really great day.

In my previous post, I talked about trying to find the fun in parenting. I have noticed it is SO much easier to be a nice parent when you have backup. Generally speaking, when Jon is around, I am much calmer and handle things much better, maybe because I know I am not outnumbered? I have someone on my side? Not sure. With that in mind, I need to be extra on top of myself this week with keeping my cool because Jon is on a business trip from now till Thursday evening after the kids are in bed. The kids will already be missing Jon since he is gone-I don't want them to fell punished by me because I am losing my cool. So the mission is on to be cool, calm, collected, and fun. We shall see how it goes. I leave you with a couple pics from our apple picking excursion.