Friday, May 23, 2008


Yes, today begins my vacation...despite the fact that both Kyan and I are suffering from nasty, boogery, festering head colds.....I will be updating from the sunny Outer Banks of North Carolina, though, as long as I can find some Wi-Fi somethere...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

I have never REALLY thought about what my guilty pleasures are......I hope they aren't ALL food and alcohol...

10. Alton Brown/Good Eats episodes on YouTube-When Jon and I are too lazy to do anything else (as in 95% of the time), we lay in bed and watch Good Eats episodes. Alton Brown's unique sense of humor always cracks us up...Jon loves the science part, and I like pretending there is a chance I might actually prepare the dishes on the show. My favorite character is the Dungeon Master. :-)

9. Glass of Reisling wine-Does this REALLY need explanation?

8. Sleeping Late-This rarely happens now that I am a parent. And by rarely, I mean once since Kyan was born-I slet till 8:30am on Mother's Day and it was BLISS.

7. Pedicures-While I can't really afford these anymore (the last one I had was when Kyan was 8 weeks old), there is nothing more rejuvenating that a hot, bubbly bath for your feet and some pretty polish. And someone ELSE having to do the work.

6. Dark Chocolate-Perhaps I should not feel that about this....Dark chocolate DOES have antioxidants. So really, it's health food.

5. Ice Cream-Got me through my pregnancy. Gets me through a crappy work week. It's the number one reason I will never be skinny.

4. People Magazine-I'd like to think if I ever saw a star on the street, I'd be all cool and not bother them-and I DO think I would be unobtrusive. But the lure of celebrity wedding pics or has the latest mugshot are too strong for me. I am powerless against headlines like "New Racy Pics of Wholesome Teen Star Hit the Internet!" and "Former Boy Bander comes out of the closet!"

3. Daydreaming about what I would do with lottery winnings, even if I don't buy a ticket-The ability to imagine myself that carefree (monetarily) for even just a couple of minutes is totaly worth the price of a lottery ticket.

2. Other peoples blogs-If work is slow, I am CONSTANTLY rechecking other people's blogs, waiting for new entries.

1. Fantasizing about quitting my job-Someday, oh, someday.....

Just one of those days....


The little man is NOT happy today. Apparently teething is kicking his ass. He was running a fever last night, so I brought him into bed with me, where I spent most of the night getting hit by my (nearly!) ten month old, or being wakened by grunting and air humps because he was trying to poop in his sleep. This is why we do not co-sleep. So I am exhausted today. But I feel pretty bad complaining.....Kyan is always so happy and has never really been sick...he got a stomach virus when we did back in January, but aside from non-stop pooping and barfing, he was happy as a clam.

At any rate, the fever is gone today, but he's pretty much inconsolable. Silly faces, songs, letting him play with his wang for infinite periods of time during diaper changes.....nothing can make him happy right now. BUT, I do thing his tooth is popping through as we speak. Little consolation for Kyan, I suppose. If he were an adult, I'd tell him to go relax while I fixed him a nice, stiff drink. Sorry, little guy......Mommy wishes she could make you feel better.

Friday, May 16, 2008

What I Spend Money On

I apologize in advance that there are no pics this week, which is the reason most of you check this blog...The weather has been a bit grey, so the lighting has not been optimal for outside photo shoots with Kyan.

I have been thinking a lot lately about where all of our money goes. I am not talking about our mortgage, car payments, my school loans, etc.....those are all pretty obvious. What do we spend money on otherwise? and I think it's interesting to compare it to what I USED to spend money on.

Four Years Ago:

1. Shoes-I LOVE shoes. Shoes will never make you look fat. In factm if they are high heels, they help you look skinner. A good pair of shoes will go with many outfits, and paired with the right outfit, will inspire someone to buy your drinks at Happy Hour. My favorites were Nine West and BCBG.....Not that I wouldn't have loves some Manolo's or Jimmy Choo's, but I have NEVER had $400-600 to spend on shoes ever in my life. AT last count, I had some 45 pairs of shoes.....In order to clear some space in the bedroom closet (which only has about half of my shoes), I am donating about 20 pairs to the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

2. Clothes-I was always in search of that perfect outfit that would magically fit my chest and make me 20 lbs skinnier. Alas, I never did find said outfit, but I sure helped the economy by trying.

3. Purses-Like shoes, a good bag will never make you look fat, will hold all your stuff in an organized fashion, and has zippered pockets to conceal embarrassing items such as tampons, pantyliners, and that Enrique Iglesias CD you bought on impulse. I still occasionally wish I could own a Coach bag. I have at least 25 purses. My favorites are still the two I bought in Italy...a green leather one I am currently using, and a black leather one I bought in Florence that looks kind of like a Birkin bag. I am thinking I need to downsize my purse collection-Contact me if you'd like to rustle through my collection. (Same applies for shoes if you are an 8 or 8.5)

4. Going Out-Back in Jon's an my pre-homeowning, pre-kid days, we ate out quite a bit, went out quite a bit.....Work night?? No problem! We won't be home till 3am? No problem! We probably ate out an average of 2-3 times week. While we weren't generally eating anyplace fancy, that's still a lot of cash down the drain.

Sadly, that's mostly what I can remember. I don't regret those self indulgent times....I enjoyed shopping and having nice things. But they certainly don;t matter nearly as much now. And while I may still covet a Coach bag, it doesn't matter in quite the way it used to.


1. Stuff for Kyan: I try to avoid buying him lots of toys. My in-laws bring him toys EVERY time they come over to visit, so he is not lacking. Although I have noticed lately he could do with some more age appropriate toys...A lot of his toys were geared towards when he was much smaller. Right now I really want to get him an activity table, cause I think that will help him with pulling himself up. But, it will probably wait till his birthday, because I cannot justify the $40 otherwise. Aisde from touys, there is baby clothes......If there is a cute outfit for him within a 50 mile radius, I will find it. Although I try and curb myself with that, because really, how many clothes does one kid need?

2. Food: While also a necessity, I enjoy cooking. I like knowing I am eating healthy, and I like knowing Kyan is eating healthy. The biggest barrier to eatinghealthy is often Jon. If I say I am tired, and he doesn't feel like cooking, he'll decide to get take out from somewhere, which is pretty much never healthy. Not only is it a waste of money, it's not good for us, so I am trying to get better at telling him NO. I am VERY conscious of the fact that as Kyan is getting older, he will pick up on our habits, so I don;t want him to see us eating crap. So I am trying to buy more organic food. Jon and I decided we would make the move to only eating organic animal proteins. This means we are eating far less of it because it is so expensive, and we are eating more fish (we just try to avoid farm raised when it comes to fish). But, I feel this is a good move all around. Orgainc farming practices are better for the environment, as well as for us, and eating less animal protein is good too. Considering the Global food crisis going on, it seems terribel to eat a 200 lb. animal, who consumes 800 lbs worth of grain. We have our own little vegetable garden, and are also have our own raspberry and blueberry bushes. it is my hope that one of the unintended effects of the global food crisis will be that more and more people start their own gardens to defray the costs of food.

When it is all said and done, there isn't really much extra these days anyway. I work part time, so I make less than I did before, and our expenses are certainly greater then they were before, so not much is left. This is not to cpmplain, simply to draw a comparison from then to now. I would not trade Kyan for all the purses, shoes, and late nights out in the world. And honestly, I don't miss it much. I don't mean to some off as preachy, but aisde from projects I would like to complete in the house and eventually getting a new bedroom set (I can dream!), there is not much else we need materially. "The more things you own, the more they own you" comes to my mind often, whenever I see some little knick knack or something that I like.

So while how I spend money is much different than it was 4 years ago, I am ten times happier with 99% of my life than I was 4 years ago. The only time not having money bugs me is when Jon or I ask each other what we'd like to do for the night. We don't have money to spend, but what doesn't cost money to do these days? It will get easier at it gets warmer out...we go to the park or on walks. But EVERYTHING costs money: Mini-golf, bowling, getting ice cream, going to the bookstore (we go to the library now instead). And all this penny pinching would seem more worthwhile if I didn't have to work. But instead, I do work (and work HARD) and we still have no money. Yay for adulthood.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Army Crawl

Couldn't remember if I had provided actual footage and proof that Kyan is no longer staying where I put him......If not, prepare to me amazed by the incredible MOVING baby:

Will require vast amounts of alcohol and enough tranquilizers to kill a horse

Packing for vacation is never a fun thing. Without fail, everytime I have gone anywhere for overnight or longer, I have forgotten SOMETHING.....Once, it was pajamas, once a toothbrush, once my contacts, once underwear...I'll let you get a nice visual of me in 4 day old it now burned into your mind forever? Unable to be removed even if you flossed your brain?? Awesome.

This year, it promises to be remarkably harder, because not only am I packing for me, I am packing for Kyan....Because not only has the kid not pushed through his tooth yet or learned to pull up; he still hasn't learned how to fold a onesie correctly and is therefore useless in the task at hand.

What's that you say? I don't leave for vacation for another week and a half?? True, true...In that time, though, I must make sure every scrap of laundry is done, and spend time ruminating over items I have left off the list.......Having a kid makes this list SO much longer.....Not only do I pack my shampoo and conditioner, I also need his baby soap, no tears organic shampoo and mousturizer for his eczema. We are bringing 2 (yes as in TWO) laptops on our VACATION because my laptop has ITunes and therefore all our music on it, as well as a CD burner which my parents wish to have use of on said vacation, and Jon has to bring his because the man cannot be without his laptop for more than 5 minutes. Really, he's married to his laptop and I am his mistress and Kyan is our love child. Seriously, he takes his laptop into the bathroom with him. Nevermind that our beachouse does not have Wi-Fi and we do not have an air card......Jon will make sweet love to his laptop at the local Starbucks.

I have to bring as many sets of Queen sized bed sheets as I can locate, because the shore house does not provide them. Ditto for towels. Not to mention a stroller.....and a Pack N' Play for the baby to sleep in, because there is no crib there. And a high chair. And baby toys. And digital camera. And camcorder. Has your brain exploded yet? And that's just a FEW items from the list as it stands right now.....I have a whole week and a half to obsess over what else I could be forgetting. Never mind how we will fit this into our Toyota Matrix. I'd been hoping a minivan would drop from the sky into our driveway...Damn-SCREWED AGAIN.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Baby Industry = Blood Sucking Leeches

Everywhere I look, there is more baby crap I don't need, with ever higher prices......

Take baby shoes for example......At Kyan's age, the best shpes are flexible, suede soled shoes, so that when Baby starts walking, their foot can flex in a natural way.......I have not found a soft soled sandal by either of the leading companies (Robeez or Pediped) for under $34.....that's just obscene! I can't remeber the last time I bought myself a pair of shoes.......and the next time I do, they will VERY likely be less than $34....(Payless, here I come!).....But I was thrilled to find THESE sandlas for Kyan fron Land's End for $19.50.....With $4.95 for shipping, I still saved nearly $10......

I just hate feeling like I am being hosed by the baby industry........$50 for a baby outfit? REALLY? Would you put your 12 month old in cashmere....The same 12 month old who can't yet control their bowels and gets just as much food on their front as in their mouth? I guess there must be people out there willing to spend the money on that, but it just seems ludicrous to me......

As for Mother's Day, it was a very nice day......Jon let me sleep in till 8:30am (Kyan usually has us up at 6:30am), then woke me up with Kyan and a flower and card from the baby. Then he made me breakfast, and we relaxed for a bit. Then we went out to lunch with Pam and Bruce, came back to the house, and relaxed......and I was able to just enjoying lounging around with him and Kyan...all in all, a great Mother's Day!

In other news, we joined a CSA with our friends Lori and Chris-so we will be getting fresh, organic veggies this summer-That Jon doesn't have to grow! We will still grow a few things, but nothing like last summer, where we had so much produce, we couldn't GIVE it away. AND, we're on the waiting list for the CSA we really want to belong to for next summer. :-)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

There's a bottle of Seagram's Lime Gin with my name on it.....

I hate my job......

But, I was out again at lunch today (since the weather has been so nice) taking pics of Sir Stinky Pants again.....Here are the better ones.

Yes, I know I need a life...

One of his few smiles-He was tired...


VERY serious face (even though our neighbor was trying to make him laugh)







It's 5pm-I off to drink ;-)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Perhaps enjoying my new camera a bit TOO much...

Since I have taken no less than 49,785,111 pictures.....Here are a few more from this morning's photo shoot:









And one random one from the other day that I forgot to post:

Monday, May 5, 2008

Okay, here are more pics...

The world's best smile:

Enjoying some frozen banana yumminess:

Me and Kyan (Don't you LOVE the hat???)

Showing off the gummy grin:

Dude, I really need to hit the gym....

Guess I'll start with some push ups:

Random pic of me that doesn't suck:

Kyan wants what Lily's got:

"The Ring of Love"

Look what I caught!!

I love you THIS much!

Kyan and Daddy-My Main Men :-)

Picture Overload

WEll, I was playing with my camera ALL weekend...and 300+ pictures later, here are some of the better ones...

SOme of these pics include an outing with our friends Amelia and Sean and their daughter Lily-We went bowling and had a great time...Obviously, the ones of Jon and I were NOT taken by me, and the ones of me were not taken by me.....

On to the pictures!

Sean and Amelia (aren't they cute??)

Amelia and Lily (Lily is such a kick ass girl-She won't take crap from any boys-I love it!)

Sean and Lily (That's Lily's tough face, there)

Me and Jon...

Okay-More pictures to follow-working is kicking my ass today, but I will have them up before the end of the day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

From here on out.....

The pics will be of much better quality...JOn just got me a new digital camera as a Mother's Day present.....And it's red-How perfect! He kept asking me waht features I wanted, and I told I wanted a camera that was a pretty color.....Much like when we have car shopped and I could care less about the inside.....I just know I want MIDNIGHT BLUE PEARL....

AT any rate, here are some pics of Kyan...he's acheived an army crawl of sorts over the last couple days, so full fledged crawling is not far off!

Things I learned this week:
-Making egg salad makes your kitchen smell like a FART
-You know the prices at a store are bad when it's employees cannot believe the price of their items


An ode to CHUCK on the site:

"I believe I can fly....I believe I can touch the sky..."

Happy Baby Face

"Excellent, Smithers, excellent.."