Thursday, January 24, 2008


Kyan is 6 months old today!!

LOVES his feet...especially when nursing.....Apparently he has a joint boob/foot fetish?

Can now sit up unassisted..though he still topples over from time to time.

Is probably getting his first tooth...I can feel a little bump, but can't see anything as of yet...but, he is cranky and REALLY wants to suck on my chin 24/7.

Smiles and talks up a storm...He makes "MMMM" sounds all the time, smacks his lips, and shrieks.

Is exploring the fascinating and challenging world of solid foods...He has experienced the gastronomic wonders that are pears, apples, bananas, prunes, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, and winter squash!

Here is his 6 month birthday picture, plus a pic of him in a sweater made by my Great Aunt Elaine (Thanks, Aunt Elaine!) as well as some video of him in his jumper and video of him sitting up.....Wow, with so much media in one post, no doubt all future posts will be a let down ;-)


kyan is 6 months old today-1.24.08

Kyan in the blue Sweater


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Jenni said...

Happy 6 months Kyan!!

Your new haircut looks great!