Thursday, December 27, 2007

All I want for Christmas is my boobs back

Well, it seems we have survived the Christmas craziness.......To top it all off, somewhere along the line, I thought getting the baby christened 2 days before Christmas (when me, Jon, AND my Mother all work, and we have to travel DOWN to Pennsylvania for the holiday) seemed like a good idea...(I've really gotta lay off the martinis and crystal meth).

But, here we are, back home and in one piece......Kyan was a trooper throught the whole thing......with all the activity, the only time he got good naps in was Christmas Eve, but he still managed to be super adorable.....All the women I know down in PA were gushing over him, and I have the feeling that if I had not been around to monitor the situation, he would have gotten some pairs of panties thrown his way.

In all the craziness of packing for the holiday trip, we did of course forget our video camera, so we have no video to memorialize Christmas Day and Kyan's complete lack of comprehension of what the holiday is for (meaningless overspending and alcoholic consumption are the values we intend to instill in Kyan regarding the Christmas Season)....He did, however, mightily enjoy a smorgasbord of tasty wrapping paper...So many designs to little time. And of course, what pictures we did manage to capture on our digital camera were left down at my parents house, so I have no cute pictures to post.

At any rate, Kyan is now the proud owner of many new toys, most of which require batteries and make annoying noises-YIPPEE! And thanks to my generous friends and relatives, We can now buy Kyan his next carseat-A Britax Marathon-an overpriced convertible carseat which we are forking out the moola for because it gets a very high rating from Consumer Reports, and because it fits kids up to 65 pounds....and since children need some sort of additional seating device in cars till they are around 80 pounds (I knew 16 year old bitchy girls who never reached that weight!), Kyan can hopefully use this seat for quite a while.

So that is all the news.....Our house looks like a hurrican of Christmas decorations and boxes.....AHHhhhhhh, the holidays.....

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas-But if the white runs out, I'll drink the red"

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