Monday, September 15, 2008

I ate my way thru New England....

Ahhh, the Big E (also known as "The New England States Exposition") Annual event in which you pay $15 per person to get in, then pay way too much money for deeply fried is wonderful.

I have been backsliding the last few weeks with my weight loss, so I have renewed my commitment with Weight Watchers and counting my points and am writing everything down....

It's been busy here, but fun-I have lots of new pictures and video to share!

But first, I have to post this clip from Saturday's Season opener of SNL-I thought it was SO dead on....I have probably watched this clip 20 times, and it is STILL hysterical:

Here is what happens when Mommy plays with hair gel:

And here is some video of Kyan dancing.....I apologize if you don't like Celtic music....I was listening to it a lot last week:

Here is Amelia and I at the Big E with the babies:

And here is Jon with Kyan:

And Sean and Amelia with Lily:

A picture of Kyan and Lily climbing the stairs:

And some video of it:

Pics of Lily doing her doggie impression:

And some video of them playing "together":

And lastly, some video of what Jon has seemed to be "the cutest thing he has ever seen":

Lastly, Kyan took about three steps on his own today!!!


Amelia said...

I LOVE the video of Kyan dancing! So cute! Great pics from the Big E too...they came out better than mine did! I'll have to steal some of those!

Josephine said...

That is the cutest thing. So sweet! Thanks for explaining the Big E, too. We from the West Coast don't understand. :)

Dawn said...

You've been tagged on my blog!

Julie said...

Oops I tagged you too, about 30 minutes after Dawn. Oh well, guess you only have to do it once ;)