Wednesday, October 8, 2008

and.......I'm back. it's been a while since posted...I have been:

Kyan got a cold
We went to California
I got drunk during the VP debate so as not to shoot myself
We went to Pennsylvania
Kyan learned to walk
Kyan is getting another tooth

So yeah, it's been busy.

I will post pics from sunny California, where I finally got to meet up with my message board buddies, Michelle, Julie and Alana-and had a GREAT time, just as soon as I have the time to upload them.

Fallen off the wagon with my diet, though still trying to be good walking, and I fully intend to get back on the horse with that......

The real question is:
Should I ask Jon for Doc Marten's for Christmas? I wear nothing but flats any more, so buying fancy, cute shoes no longer makes sense....and I am trying to downsize the shoe collection, which once numbered close to 50 pairs because I don;t have the room and I never wear most of them.....and I used to LIVE in a pair of bronze Doc Martens......But seeing as they are 12 years old, and no longer bronze from wear and tear, perhaps it is time for a new pair? and this is certianly more practical than say, jewelry......
Leopard-always fun and funky:

Cherry Red-Red being my favorite color and a nice way to liven up all the black (it's slimming! really!) that I wear:

Because embroidered shoes are always fun:

Metallic Blue-Um, these are bright metallic blue-WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?

These make me think of funky wing tips...They'd probably get dirty really quickly, but aren't they cool??

Okay, well that's all for now.....Please let me know what you think of the may be THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION YOU MAKE THIS YEAR-(Screw the election).


Julie said...

Personally, I like the last boot the best. It would look great with anything...but yes, they will get really dirty.

Josephine said...

Blue, baby. Blue.

Dyar Baby Momma said...

I like the embroidery ones....