Friday, June 22, 2007

34 Weeks

Okay, so I FINALLY dragged my ass out of bed this morning and went for my THIRD glucose test. I won't get the results till Monday, which means if they are bad, at least I had this weekend to pig out on the ice cream...

I also finally managed to make some progress on the baby's room. I FINALLY grabbed some of the baby outfits, our 10 hooded towels, innumerable washcloths, and 4, 645, 234 receiving blankets, and began the washing process, which includes DREFT and NO dryer sheets. I have done endless folding, which will be followed by endless organizing and putting will be had by......well, no one.

I also managed to drag myself OUT of the house last night (gasp! What's that you say? You put on REAL clothes and LEFT THE HOUSE??) with Jon's help, and we went to Target, where a shelf was purchased for the baby's room (to go above the changing table and hold all his fancy butt and diaper rash creams), as well as some storage containers for the clothes he is not wearing at the moment, and to Babies R' Us, where we bought a hamper for all the dirty clothes the aforementioned baby will soil, and some pants, since the little man will NEVER run out of onesies, but was a bit lacking in the pants department. And since it is deemed not socially acceptable to be sans pants as an adult (male), I gotta get him used to it at some point. I kept gravitating to the cute little bathing suits for babies, but Jon will not allow me to put our son in an infant bikini, even if they ARE way cuter then the little boy swim trunks.

Also, if you ever considered renting "Employee of the Month", save yourself the trouble and put a pencil through your eye instead. My dear husband put this on our movie queue and wanted to watch it last night. I wasn't expecting great comedy here, but the movie was practically ANTI-funny. And because Jon just ADORES movies that become a train wreck as you watch them, I had to watch the WHOLE THING-ALL THE WAY THROUGH. The only torture I can think of worse than this would be watching The O'Reilly Factor on a constant loop.....


Jenni said...

HI! I frequently find myself searching for our boy take home outfit only to be pulled to all the cute girl outfits. I'm saving money though.

I haven't seen Employee of the Month and based on the pencil through the eye comparison probably never will. Thankfully when we discovered Ghost Rider was AWFUL we both decided to pull the plug. Maybe it got better but we couldn't take another minute.

Josephine said...

OMG...You should have him watch the Jenny McCarthly flick Dirty Love. Carmen Electra's in it, too. Chris and I ended up getting "stuck" on that one night and couldn't turn away. It's a total train wreck!

Jessica said...

HI BECKY! Welcome to blogland. Sorry to hear about the ice cream.
I was in the hospital parking lot the other day and saw a couple bringing their baby home for the first time. I thought of you, how exciting!