Friday, June 29, 2007

35 Weeks

Only 5 more weeks, if this little (or not so little) guy is on time. Although, really, baby, I would be totally fine with it if you wanted to arrive say......2 or 3 weeks early........Just DON'T be late......Mom likes punctual people, and we certainly don't want to get this relationship started off onthe wrong foot, do we? On a similar vein, if you are reading this, please don;t predict how late I could is a downright cruel and inhuman thing to tell a pregnant lady that she'll go past her due date. And you don;t want to piss me off, because at some point, I will no longer be pregnant, and will then give you a mighty ass kicking if you are one of the aforementioned people.

So, it's Friday, which always makes me happy. I am sitting in my air conditioned bedroom with my feet up, using my laptop for work. This set up works quite well, as it allows me to keep some of my sanity, and being able to elevate my feet prevents them from looking like water balloons with vienna sausages for toes (which is what they resembled earlier this week).

I am still working my way through the baby's room and it's mountain of laundry, but I promise you will be able to walk in there without cringing at some point in the near future.......Other than that, not too much of note to report....

Oh wait, yes, one more thing-Why is it that the ONLY button down nightgown I could find for nursing at the hospital is HIDEOUS? I purchased a blue and white striped sleeveless nightgown with a button front, and flower embroidery along the yoke.......It looks like something an 85 year old itialian grandmother would wear. If you by chance come to see me in hospital once I've pushed this kid out, feel free to laugh, because what I will be wearing will be a truly heinous sight.


Josephine said...

I'll bet you will wear it well!

Kelly said...

I wouldn't worry about the nightgown. I bought PJs that I never wore in the 2 nights I was in the hospital when Noah was born, as I was so preoccupied with other things (and didn't want to get my new PJs all nasty from what still comes out of you after you give birth - you'll see!). Plus, the standard issue hospital gown at my hospital was a nursing gown (with pleats and 2 hidden slits in front).

We're so excited for you, cousin!