Saturday, June 30, 2007

35 Weeks, 1 Day

I am on a BIG TIME fruit kick right now......Strawberries, Blueberries, Grapes, Apples......In the heat of ssummer, it all sounds pretty damn good to me...I have been eating PINTS of blueberries in one sitting and strawberries for breakfast has been a craving of mine since the beginning 0f my second trimester...Mmmmmm...Making myself hungry!

I actually finished the last of the baby laundry!!! Now I just have to put it away......But that means that Baby Room photos will soon be forthcoming!

Over the next few weeks, when you read this blog, you may find me endlessly analyzing any odd pregnancy quirks and wondering if that means I will go into labor soon.......So bear with me...It just means I a tired of being pregnant and I am ready to meet this baby. At any rate, I am off-to try and work on the baby's room and try and get this kid's foot out of my ribcage.....Happy weekend!

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