Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I know, I know...lame, lame, lame.....What can I say, work has been unbelievably busy...But, hey look, Pictures and video!!

Family pic from Califronia in September

Kyan asleep in our hotel room one monring

Me and my message board friends and babies on the Santa Monica Pier

Kyan is a Cubs fan

Kyan at his friend Ella's First Birthday Party in September

Kyan with Uncle Jeremy when he was up for a visit last weekend

Kyan and Lily at the Pumpkin Patch

Rnadom Pic of Kyan

Video of Kyan saying "Ta-Da"

Video of Kyan in a box

Video of Kyan eating with a spoon

Kyan had his 15 month Doctor's appointment last week:
34 inches (off the charts for growth)
27 lbs, 5 oz--75-90% for weight

He looks to be right on target with everything!

And lastly...(Mom, look away).......New Hair color (it was time for a change):



Asha said...

Great pictures!!1 I was here earlier this morning looking to see if there was anything new.

Jenni said...

I love your hair. I think I'm going to do the same! Yeah for new hair styles!!

I love the random pic of's a great picture.

Jessica said...

shouldn't kyan be "thinking outside of the box"? It makes for a cute video...
I will also third that, the hair color is nice indeed.

Michelle said...

You look great! Have you lost some weight since you were out here?

Josephine said...

At first I was like, who is this lady in Becky's post? I really love your hair!! You look fantastic!