Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, I am have been feeling really anxious lately about this pregnancy...why? I don't know. My pregnancy with Kyan seemed much more unstable at first-I spotted thru my whole first trimester. But this time around, everything is going fine. But I am SO ANXIOUS.

I called my Midwife's office today to see if they would move up my appointment (it was for a week from now) because I was feeling nervous. They happily ageed to fit me in today, which I was SO grateful for.

So I got to the office and promptly burst into tears. The Midwife I saw today (Pam) was really nice and attentive to my neurotic anxiety. So she got out the doppler to find the baby's heartbeat to reassure me. So she kept trying....and trying for about 12 minutes. The words "we need to schedule an ultrasound to check on everything then" had just left her mouth when she tried one more time....and this time she was able to find it! Thank God, cause I was having a heart attack, thinking my worst fears were coming true. Apparently, she says this little baby must be very active, and as my uterus is still low (and tilted), this baby has the perfect place to hide from the doppler.

So glad I heard the heartbeat again did help ease my mind some.....I think I mentioned before that I rented a doppler, and it came yesterday, and I was not finding a heartbeat for love or money.

So that is the news for is okay!


Jessica said...

I hear ya on the anxiety of not finding the heartbeat for a little while - our midwife says that they don't really like the doppler (sound waves) and move away from it, so especially early, it is hard to find. Soon though you'll be able to hear it through a fetoscope - the wee one may be more receptive to that.

Dyar Baby Momma said...

Phew. I have had that with both pregnancies - ended up with u/s both times at 12 weeks because the babies were stubborn and low lying... so glad it was okay and so happy for you! :)