Sunday, August 16, 2009


And I am a naughty monkey for not updating after my appt....Appointment went fine, they pulled out the doppler, and couldn't find a heartbeat. My midwife admitted she wouldn't try very hard, cause she know I have been a bit anxious of late, and if they couldn't "find" the heartbeat, I would score another ultrasound and get to see the baby again (and possibly gender??), otherwise, my next ultrasound is the anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks (it seems so so far away right now..)

So I was promptly booked for an ultrasound early in the afternoon, and was fairly unworried since Jon had found the heartbeat just 2 days before with our rented doppler. So the ultrasound went fine-Baby's heartrate was 167 (Kyan's was usually in the 140's, If I remember correctly), and I got to marvel at the miracle that is pregnancy and growing a life inside you....Even having had a successful pregnancy before, it still amazes me at the changes that take place over a span of weeks....I had an ultrasound at 8.5 weeks, and everything looked SO couldn't see a spine and really defined arms and legs...the baby looked kind of like a gummy bear then.....Baby would not show off the goods in it's nether regions-it wasn't in the right position, the ultrasound tech said, but none-the-less, I was so happy to see my little baby moving and squirming and it's little heart beating incredible to think: The tech said the heart is like the size of a green pea right now....How crazy is that??

Anyway, all remains well....I am still waiting for first trimester exhaustion to go away, but I am sure that will happen in the next couple weeks.....But I am just happy to be in the 2nd trimester now (14 weeks, 2 days!)

If I can ever sit at the computer without Kyan attacking me or falling asleep first, I will try and get the latest ultrasound pics up!


Amelia said...

I demand to see that last u/s pic!! (hehe!) I wanna see your beautiful baby!

Molli Rocket said...

Hi baby! Just got caught up on all your posts. Congratulations! A new little one, how exciting! Hope all is well. Miss you!