Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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Things are well (as well as they can be when you hate, loathe, and abominate your job). Ky continues to be a pooping machine-Thank goodness we do cloth at least SOME of the time, cause this kid fills enough diapers to fill a landfill on his very own. He's starting to "respond" when we talk to him-with coos and shrieks of course, but it's fun that the conversations aren't so one-sided anymore.

As for me, not much to report. Working on losing my fat ass, slowly but surely. Hoping to win the lottery. Halloween is coming up....Kyan will be a Lobster, Thanks to my cousin Julia lending me the costume she used on her now 2 year old daughter.

I am also racking my brain to try and figure out what to get Jon for our wedding Anniversary (our 3rd). He is SO hard to buy for-I'd LOVE to take him away for a weekend, but we don't hve the money for that. If you have any ideas, feel free to post them under "comments", cause I got nuthin'.

And, Oh, joy of joys, I will be cooking Thanksgiving this year. With a 4 month old...JUST what I feel like doing. This came about as: "Oh, I'll order the turkey and drop it off at your house the day before. And I'll bring pie." Perhaps I'll put laxatives in the stuffing so that no one stays too long.....

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Josephine said...

Is Jon a big massage-type person? A gift certificate for one perhaps? Or what about electronics? Sunglasses? Man...shopping for my man is hard, too!