Friday, October 5, 2007

What The F***??

Okay, so today is October 5th, and the high will be 88 degrees-yes, 88. It's fall people! I wanna be able to break out my sweaters! I want to be able to put Ky in all the cute cool weather outfits he has that are 0-3 month and won't fit him by next week (they probably don't fit him now, at this point)!

Otherwise, all I can say is: Thank God it is Friday. I forgot how much working sucks, even if you only do it part time. Clearly, I should have married a milionaire so I could stay at home and eat bon-bons all day....Bummer :-( Perhaps we will win the lottery, so I can actually live out this fantasy.....

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And here is my son looking like a cockatiel because of his hair pouf....

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