Thursday, March 13, 2008

7 Things

I've been tagged by my friend Jenni to write 7 little known facts about myself...Here goes:

1. Most of my freinds will not watch costume drama movies with me.....Because I spend the entire time critiquing costumes.."See that color? ALL wrong.....There was no way to get that shade of pink in the 1200's"....I won't usually watch ANY movies with MY Mom because she spends the wole movie going "Why did they do that?"....Um, just seeing it for the first time...I DON'T KNOW.

2. My mad costuming skills got mentioned in the New York Times once (okay, so it was in the New Jersey section, but still...)...They called the elephant head I built for "A Perfect Ganesha" an anatomical wonder.

3. My first car was a Mazda 626 from 1988....The stereo/tape deck did not work, the A/C did not work, the trunk leaked, and it smelled like cat piss because when my sister picked up her newly acquired kitten from the vet after having him declawed and neutered, he pissed all over the front seat as a Thank you. EVERYONE wanted to ride in my car.

4. I had bunions on my feet as a teenager...That's right...bunions...what the old ladies get. They were so bad I surgeries during the summer when I was 15 and 16...I started 2 years of high school on crutches.

5. I had sketches of my work hanging up in an exhibition at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London for almost 2 years.

6. I used to pose for art classes in college. I was skinnier then, and the pay was better than any other crappy job I could have gotten at the time.

7. I have taken many lessons in my life.....FLute, saxaphone, and guitar...Tap, Jazz, and Ballet.......Sketching classes, Watercolor classes......Sewing classes...I THINK that's it.....I took ballet on and off for years, but otherwise have never stuck with anything...I'm so flighty.

Asha and Christina........You've been TAGGED.


Melody said...

you forgot knitting

Jenni said...

I'm quite impressed! New York Times and the London Shakespeare's theatre? Nice work!

I'm the same way with medical shows...I critique them non stop. I totally thought about becoming a medical consultant for movies/shows. It's obviously needed! ;)

Dyar Baby Momma said...

I'm so impressed with your talent Becky!

I still think you should start a business sewing the slings... that blue one you made was so nice.

(I am fighting bunions too - trying not to need surgery)