Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Hello, my friends-

Happy Earth Day! In honor of Earth Day, please visit www.idealbite.com , which is a website that gives great little tips to help us live in a greener world. I myself just signed up online to reduce the amount of junkmail I get, including credit card offers....Yay!

Now that we are finally in full SPRING mode, I am also drying my laundry on the clothes line outside (which Jon just moved this weekend to an unused part of our deck to make it easier for me to get to). Kyan diapers are drying on the line while simultaneously having poop stains naturally bleached out of them by the sun...Score!

In other news, Jon is apprently bucking for the Husband of the Year Award, because for the last few weeks, he has gotten up at 5am, gone to the gym, come back, gotten a bottle ready for the baby, changed the baby's diaper when he wakes up, feeds him, and on the mornings that Kyan needs it, also bathed him....while I am still sleeping-It has been VERY much appreciated.

Kyan was officially weaned as of Sunday.......My boobs are free! I feel good that we made it to just about 9 months......If work and having to have such a strict schedule hadn't made it so tough, I am fairly certain we could have gotten to a year with no problem.....but, weaning seems to be fine with Kyan-He has been such a distracted nurser the last few months that getting him TO nurse for more than a few seconds at a time was a real challenge.

Kyan is doing great with finger foods...LOVES Cheerios.....whenever he sees that yellow box, his arms flap and he lets out a high pitched shriek-we've been trying to capture the reaciton on video, but Kyan NEVER does it when we try to film it....figures.......He had raisins for the first time yesterday (soaked in water for a bit to soften them up), and LOVES frozen banana.....I think that helps his gums....Still no tooth yet, but the bump on his gums is more pronounced every day.

He goes for his 9 month check up on Monday, so I will be sure to list the stats.....Based on my unscientific method of weighing him by stepping on the scale and then stepping on the scale with Kyan, he is around 22.5 lbs right now......no wonder my arms hurt!

Anyway-Can't remember if I posted this or not, but here is video of Kyan on the swings for the first time last Friday:

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