Friday, April 18, 2008

What gets me throught the day?

As several of my blogging friends have already done this entry from , I though I might do it as well......They asked: "What is your saving grace? What get's you throught the day?"

Well, my day starts when Kyan wakes up-And tired as I am (hey, I like my sleep), seeing his smiling face in the morning is better than any cup of coffee. My mornings are spent with him-feeding, dressing, playing, reading.....He goes down for a nap, and then I log in for work by 10am. From 10-12, I am working and praying the baby stays asleep. From 12-2, I am on "lunch break", eating lunch, feeding the baby, playing with him. At 2pm, he goes down for afternoon nap, and I start work again...he naps for maybe an hour, then is up and I try to keep him entertained in his crib with toys while I work until 5pm. Not the ideal situation, but I have yet to find an alternative.
So my day is mostly a series of small leaps-making it from one break to the next so I can play with Kyan. By the time 5pm rolls around, I am ready for Jon to get home, so I can have an adult conversation with someone who doesn;t scream at me for doing exactly what I was asked to do. I value our time together as a family, and nothing makes me happier than seeing Kyan and Jon play together.
SO that is the day to day.....As far as how I keep going.....What gets me through each week is the weekend...2 blissful days of not being glued to my computer..time with the baby...time to get out of the house....time with Jon (although he is usually glued to HIS laptop).
And what keeps me going in general? The knowledge that this won't last forever....Hopefully, in a few years, I won't have to work. I won't feel as frustrated and constantly under the gun, trying to keep my boss happy while keeping a baby happy. I'll be able to have some time to work on something creative...painting, sewing, writing.....and I will be able to cook better and have better meals made for my family. All the stuff I cannot find time for now....SO until the day comes when I DON'T have to work, it's just TRYING to be in the moment with my family-That is what I live for :-)

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