Friday, April 11, 2008


Thank God it is Friday-This week has SUCKED, work wise......But, the little guy reminds me there are better things to concentrate on, so I have just been stealing extra hugs from him this week.

Here are some pics:

Grammie Pammie made this "hat" for me....
Kyan wears a hat

Hamming it up for the camera:

BIG smiles!

Being a goofball...

Kyan just being....himself :-)

Standing using the crib rail:

Kyan is doing really well with eating, ans continues to perfect his "pincer grasp"....I switched him from Gerber Puffs to Cheerio's, which are at least slightly more nutritious, and he seems to be loving them......Of course, I changed his diaper at a friends house, and had a bowl of cereal from all the cheerios that fell from him as I removed clothing. My kitchen is like a box of Cheerios EXPLODED in it....Thankfully, Scooter seems to like Cheerios as well.

And for something completely unrelated:
The below is "The Last Lecture" by Carnegie Mellon U. Professor Randy Pausch, who is dying of pancreatic cancer. This video has made the rounds on the internet, and this guy has been on Oprah and been interviewed by 20/20, and a book was just published based on his "Last Lecture". This lecture is not the least bit morose, but it IS amazing. While I would like to believe that if I were dying (in the near future), I would live every day to the fullest and have the biggest impact that I could, but the reality might be that the thought of never seeing my beautiful son grow up would haunt me to the end. Be that as it may, I think this lecture is amazing, and I am so impressed and amazed by this smart, funny, charismatic, and courageous man. If you would like find out more about hi, you can visit his CMU web page, where he gives updates:

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Dyar Baby Momma said...

I love Kyan's hippie look with his amber necklace - it seems to suit him perfectly.