Thursday, July 5, 2007

35 Weeks, 6 days.....And the sling I made

So I decided to make a sling, since I DID spend 4 years of college tuition money learning how to sew. This sling is made out of plain black cotton. The rings were purchased from , which also has links to some patterns to make slings. It is approx. 36" wide, and 2.5 yards long. I used the "Centerfold/Symmetrical Pleats" variation listed on this site of shoulder styles for slings:

All in all, I think it turned pretty well......Here are some photos:

This one is a close up of the top of the sling, where the "Centerfold/Symmetrical Pleat" is underneath. It seems to cup the shoulder quite nicely.

Front View-See below. (Please ignore my face in these photos-I am makeupless, very pregnant, and very tired...They were taken at approx. 8pm at night, and my only thought was: BED...I WANT BED....) I am using one of the baby' stuffed animals to approximate a kid, since mine is not actually here yet.

Her is a back view of the sling....
Side view of the sling with pretend baby peeking out and me looking like death warmed over.
Another side view of the sling and hideous pic of me, so you can see how it fits over the shoulder.


Melody said...

The sling looks great. I bet it will be very comfy. That's a pretty funky looking baby you've got there though...

Your hair is starting to get really long again!

Josephine said...

I love it! You are quite talented!! (What you can't do with yarn, I can't do with fabric!) And don't worry, I often have that I'd-rather-be-somewhere-else gaze. Usually I'm thinking of a secluded beach, where gravity does not apply.