Saturday, July 21, 2007

38 Weeks, 1 Day

Had my doctor's appointment yesterday morning. Still not dilated at all. However, I DID get an ultrasound, since my midwife could not determine manually if the baby was still head down (he is). So I got to see his poor, squished, little face on the ultrasound monitor. It's looks uncomfortable in there! If I get the chance, I will scan the U/S pic later, though I doubt you could figure out what you were looking at unless I pointed it out with my finger :-) At any rate, while I still want this baby OUT OF ME, it was a nice reminder that, Hey, there is an actual human being in there, not just some alien thing trying to torture me-it becomes quite easy to lose sight of this fact when you reach this stage of the third trimester and are this uncomfortable.....

The midwife also did say she does not think the baby will be a "small" one-We both seem to be guessing in the 8-9 lb range (though I am guessing closer to 9).....So only time will tell....I was 6 lbs, 8 oz at birth, and Jon was 8 lbs, 8 oz at birth.

I checked the calendar, and the next full moon is July 29 (A week from tomorrow). My grandmother, who was a labor and delivery room nurse for nearly 40 years, has always said that the full moon seemed to make a lot of women go into labor-My birth class instructor said the same thing-something to do with barometric pressure or something? At any rate, that is the date I am aiming for (still a few days before my "due" date of August 3rd)-If the full moon is supposed to help trigger labor, I plan to do everything in my power to help it along (see previous post for natural induction suggestions, or click HERE). GAME ON, people.

We also received a package of 24 of the cloth diapers we have been planning on using (Thanks to Jon's parents!). They are supposed to fit kids from birth to potty training (8 lbs to 35 lbs). I am excited about the cloth diapers, because it's one of those things I really wanted to do when I had kids-I think it's better for the kids, and DEFINITELY better for the environment. Plus, kids who wear cloth diapers are supposed to potty train faster than those that wear disposables-SCORE! I am not a saint, though-Jon and I will still use disposable diapers when we are OUT with the baby. But using cloth diapers a MAJORITY of the time is still better than nothing. This particular brand of diaper is called the Motherease OneSize Diaper System. Check it out of you are interested in cloth diapering at all.

On the list of To-Do's this weekend-Pack the hospital bag. I still need to run out and get a few little things (toiletries), then that will be done. Friday, July 20th, was Jon's end date to start new projects around the house. So, the hallway was finished being painted yesterday, and now his sole job is to try and relax until I go into labor (well relax, and do REGULAR house stuff, like cut the lawn...and, ya know, rub my feet, which are the size of Texas, and spoon feed me ice cream).

And finally, a word to the wise......DO NOT CALL ASKING IF I HAVE HAD THE BABY YET. I will let you all know-I PROMISE, either via email or phone call. The question is annoying because A) I want this baby out-don't remind me that he is not here yet B) You are for some reason assuming I would be keeping you in the dark if I HAD had the baby...Chances are, if you read my blog, you know me pretty well. Which means, chances are, you will be informed when the miraculous event of me pushing a watermelon out of my olive hole occurs.

And that is all the news fit to print at the moment.

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