Thursday, July 19, 2007

37 Weeks, 6 Days

I apologize for the lack of posting this week, but really, what is there to say? I am still pregnant and MIGHTILY uncomfortable...and I have said it so often I sound like a broken record, so I figured I would spare you all the agony of my incessant whining.......

Props need to be given to my husband Jon, who has put up with my wild hormones swings, gigantic feet, and generally shitty moods, all while trying to keep me happy, which is pretty much an impossible task at this point. So if you don't like me (but for some weird reason continue to read this blog anyway) and couldn't care less whether I go into labor and am put out of my misery, consider poor Jon, who has to live with me.....

Last weeks doctors appointment was uneventful-I am closed up tight as a clam, blood pressure was a little higher than normal, my feet were huge, and I put on nearly 5 lbs. in ONE WEEK......They made go for extra bloodwork to rule out Pregnancy Induced Hypertension-and all the bloodwork came back normal. Sad to admit, but I was kinda bummed-If it were elevated, maybe they would have induced me.

Tomorrow, I am 38 weeks. I have a doctors appointment in the morning, where I expect them to tell me nothing of note-Yes, I am huge, blood pressure still okay, lay off the ice cream, no, I am not dilated, and yes, the fact that my feet have swollen to the size of Texas is all within the realm of normal. I will then come home and cry because this kid has no interest in coming out and I really WANT him out. I will then consider the various natural options open to me to try and kickstart labor:
  • Sex (tried it)
  • Nipple Stimulation (tried it)
  • Spicy Food (haven't really tried it because I get heartburn 24/7 anyway, and I suspect the only result I will get from this is MORE heartburn)
  • Walking (trying it, but if you saw the size of my ankles right now, you'd understand that this is very difficult)
  • Evening Primrose Oil (Using it since last week-supposed to help soften your cervix)
  • Castor Oil (this is the only one I am NOT willing to try-but talk to me in 2 weeks-I hear it is awful and makes labor really awful)

So yeah-that is pretty much where I am at.

We painted the front hallway this week (Desert Shadow by BEHR) and as soon as the 2nd coat goes on on the wall going up the stairs and all our stuff is back in place, I will post pics. And as soon as I put on makeup at some point (hold your breath for that one), I will post pics of my new hair color-a very deep red.

I will post an update after the doctor appointment tomorrow, though I suspect there will nothign to say...Except, perhaps, that I will be pregnant forever.


Josephine said...

At least you still have your sense of humor. :-) I read a blog somewhere that said the whole castor-oil thing was a nightmare. I'll find it again if you even consider doing that. I wish I could do something! I'll just send LABORNOW vibes your way.

icansellnething2u said...

I'm a mother of 5&1 on the way any day now.Try 2 tablespoons of castor oil w/3oz.of orange juice,I promise you won't throw up!Just take a sip,what's the worst that can happen,a sip!