Tuesday, July 10, 2007

36 Weeks, 4 Days

Another Tuesday, another Labor and Delivery class for yours truly. I believe tonights topic will be breastfeeding-Not sre how much we can actually learn and practice without a baby on this one, but damn it, I paid for the class, so I am going.

it's another hot and humid day here is Western Massachusetts, so I am again holed up in my bedroom with my feet up and the A/C going........Trying to keep the swelling of my cankles at bay, at least for the time being......

My friend Marcie is coming over on Thursday to give me a trim, and dye my hair and paint my toes BECAUSE SHE IS AWESOME....I totally look like a hag right now (see sling pics below for verification), and she is doing this to be nice because I am trying not to spend money in anticipation of some lean days ahead while I am on "maternity leave" (which means as much unpaid time as our finances can stand, since my company does not offer ANY paid maternity leave OR short term disability. If you are a woman, make sure you understand FMLA laws in your state, AND what your company offers-Our country is WAY behind the times in terms of this issue).

Other than that, not much else to report-I am crabby and tired, and therefore an utter delight to be around-Don't you want to come visit me?? That being said, if you DO come visit-I am not cooking-I have sworn it off until this kid is born. Otherwise, as bitchy as I seem now, I am 10x worse the day after. So expect pizza-or bring your own food :-)

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Josephine said...

A friend in Canada gets ONE YEAR PAID maternity leave. Makes me want to run for the border. I'm glad you're getting a doll-up session. Everyone deserves one of those. And you are not allowed to use "hag" in a sentence describing yourself. You're wonderful. :-)