Wednesday, July 11, 2007

36 Weeks, 5 Days

Due to some disgustingly hot and humid weather, I am again holed up in the air conditioned bedroom with my feet up, willing them not to swell.....And eating Pop Tarts (I have Christina to blame for this newest craving).

Birthing class last night was interesting-This was our "breastfeeding class", so we go to hold dolls in breastfeeding positions and practice latching on technique......Yes, there is nothing quite like cupping your boob with one hand in front of 12 or so other people, while trying to get an inanimate object to latch on to your nipple. Needless to say, I found this exercise not very helpful AND a little stupid. Not to mention, the baby was kicking me VIGOROUSLY when I was holding this baby doll in various nursing positions. I guess he was jealous? Oh, well-Can't win them all.

We did go out for dinner afterwards with a nice couple from the class (they seem like the only other people that actually TALK in the class), and had Indian food-SO that was quite nice. Except for the 3 seperate times I woke up with heartburn and chewed more tablets from my MEGA TUMS container for relief. And I ordered MILD!

Otherwise, not much else to report-Going over the in-laws tonight for dinner-which is awesome, because it means I am not cooking (See previous posts for diatribes on why I am no longer cooking).

Looking forward to my evening of beauty tomorrow with Marcie-I wil perhaps even post a picture when all is said and done. Until then, you'll just have to IMAGINE how sexy the bags under my eyes, hair with split ends, and my cankles are....PURTY.........

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Josephine said...

Mmm...POP TARTS! I have posted my felting project on my blog. Have fun at dinner tonight! I'm headed off to work in 30 minutes. Ack.