Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just one of those days....


The little man is NOT happy today. Apparently teething is kicking his ass. He was running a fever last night, so I brought him into bed with me, where I spent most of the night getting hit by my (nearly!) ten month old, or being wakened by grunting and air humps because he was trying to poop in his sleep. This is why we do not co-sleep. So I am exhausted today. But I feel pretty bad complaining.....Kyan is always so happy and has never really been sick...he got a stomach virus when we did back in January, but aside from non-stop pooping and barfing, he was happy as a clam.

At any rate, the fever is gone today, but he's pretty much inconsolable. Silly faces, songs, letting him play with his wang for infinite periods of time during diaper changes.....nothing can make him happy right now. BUT, I do thing his tooth is popping through as we speak. Little consolation for Kyan, I suppose. If he were an adult, I'd tell him to go relax while I fixed him a nice, stiff drink. Sorry, little guy......Mommy wishes she could make you feel better.

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