Thursday, May 1, 2008

From here on out.....

The pics will be of much better quality...JOn just got me a new digital camera as a Mother's Day present.....And it's red-How perfect! He kept asking me waht features I wanted, and I told I wanted a camera that was a pretty color.....Much like when we have car shopped and I could care less about the inside.....I just know I want MIDNIGHT BLUE PEARL....

AT any rate, here are some pics of Kyan...he's acheived an army crawl of sorts over the last couple days, so full fledged crawling is not far off!

Things I learned this week:
-Making egg salad makes your kitchen smell like a FART
-You know the prices at a store are bad when it's employees cannot believe the price of their items


An ode to CHUCK on the site:

"I believe I can fly....I believe I can touch the sky..."

Happy Baby Face

"Excellent, Smithers, excellent.."


Amelia said...

YAY for Ky army crawling!!!!! Watch out...he'll be moving fast in no time! YAY for a new camera too!!

Jessica said...

Kyan is a cute little bugger! I am glad you liked the body scrub, I've been into making soap at home, my next endeavor is shampoo (not sure how that is going to go) I'll let you know.