Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Will require vast amounts of alcohol and enough tranquilizers to kill a horse

Packing for vacation is never a fun thing. Without fail, everytime I have gone anywhere for overnight or longer, I have forgotten SOMETHING.....Once, it was pajamas, once a toothbrush, once my contacts, once underwear...I'll let you get a nice visual of me in 4 day old it now burned into your mind forever? Unable to be removed even if you flossed your brain?? Awesome.

This year, it promises to be remarkably harder, because not only am I packing for me, I am packing for Kyan....Because not only has the kid not pushed through his tooth yet or learned to pull up; he still hasn't learned how to fold a onesie correctly and is therefore useless in the task at hand.

What's that you say? I don't leave for vacation for another week and a half?? True, true...In that time, though, I must make sure every scrap of laundry is done, and spend time ruminating over items I have left off the list.......Having a kid makes this list SO much longer.....Not only do I pack my shampoo and conditioner, I also need his baby soap, no tears organic shampoo and mousturizer for his eczema. We are bringing 2 (yes as in TWO) laptops on our VACATION because my laptop has ITunes and therefore all our music on it, as well as a CD burner which my parents wish to have use of on said vacation, and Jon has to bring his because the man cannot be without his laptop for more than 5 minutes. Really, he's married to his laptop and I am his mistress and Kyan is our love child. Seriously, he takes his laptop into the bathroom with him. Nevermind that our beachouse does not have Wi-Fi and we do not have an air card......Jon will make sweet love to his laptop at the local Starbucks.

I have to bring as many sets of Queen sized bed sheets as I can locate, because the shore house does not provide them. Ditto for towels. Not to mention a stroller.....and a Pack N' Play for the baby to sleep in, because there is no crib there. And a high chair. And baby toys. And digital camera. And camcorder. Has your brain exploded yet? And that's just a FEW items from the list as it stands right now.....I have a whole week and a half to obsess over what else I could be forgetting. Never mind how we will fit this into our Toyota Matrix. I'd been hoping a minivan would drop from the sky into our driveway...Damn-SCREWED AGAIN.


Amelia said...

I'm going to be right there with you obsessing over the packing list soon! I've got to get mine started! More importantly I've got to get the "what to buy" list started! Sorry a mini van hasn't dropped magically into your drive way. I'd let you borrow the one that's magically being dropped in ours next week, but we'll be needing it for our trip! Sorry!

Josephine said...

I hate packing. I was so livid when I found out Chris did his laundry and didn't even spit at mine. I hope it all went well! ;-)