Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chopsticks, anyone?

I have sold Scooter to the Chinese Food restaurant down the street.

Okay, so I haven't sold him YET, but I fully intend to. That damn dog had my up THREE times last night to go to the bathroom.....My ten month old wasn't up ONCE. Apparently I'll have to start diapering the dog.

So this morning, after DRAGGING myself out of bed when I heard the baby stirring, I took Scooter donwstairs and threw him outside, mostly for his own protection. Cause if I had looked at him for one more second he'd currently be a dog skin rug in my hallway.

I gave the baby his bottle and prepared to get in the shower (Jon comes home today from Germany, and although nothing says "I love you and welcome home" like the scent of baby pee and masticated Cheerios stuck in your hair, I needed the hot water to wake me up). The entire time Scooter was barking his head off. I silently vowed to buy a muzzle. The phone rang while I was in the shower...ah, pandemonium.

Once I was showered and had the baby downstairs, I checked the message. It was one of my neighbors alerting me to the fact that there was a mother raccoon and SIX baby raccoons in the tree on the edge of my property and that they could be rabid....AWESOME....and I thought today would be boring.

I ushered Scooter inside and looked at the tree in the corner of the yard.......14 beady little eyes were staring back at me. Now, reader, please don't get me wrong-I love animals-Just not potentially rabid ones.

Eventually, the racoons climbed out of my tree and made their way across the street. Three of the older ladies who live on my street are stalking the raccoons to see where they go next. Apparently, these raccoons live under the shed of another house down the street, along with 2 skunks and like, 8 feral cats. The homeowners are FEEDING them because they are "cute".

So I called West Springfield Health Services, who told me I should only let Scooter out when I can keep a close eye on him........Yeah..not so helpful.......I got a fenced in yard for a reason.

So, I am sicking my mother-in-law on their asses. She will call them and yell at them and write letters to our local newspaper. The way she sees it, Kyan might as well already have rabies because of those roaming raccoons, and she WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.

So take THAT, Health Department.

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Christina S. said...

HAHA i love your style. Scooter is okay right?