Friday, June 13, 2008

Pour me another....

I apologize for the lack of has been busy, and I am tired.

Not much goign on.....Jon has been workign tireless inthe garden, watering daily and clearing away weeds while I watch.

Kyan FINALLLY FINALLY had his tooth break through...all those times in the past where I thought I felt the tooth break through..I was wrong. There is a sharp little razor ridge in his bottom gum now, and I have NO doubt that it's the real thing. And I think his right bottom tooth is not far behind.

Kyan new favorite activities: Pulling ALL the books off of his bookshelf......he'll look at me, clap, and smile, and then commence with destruction of the bookshelf. His other favorite activity is closing and opening doors......Except, once he closes a door all the way, he can't open it again (being 2 1/2 feet tall, he can't reach the doorknob). Then he cries, but it's hard for ME to open the door since he's parked himself right in front of it.

Jon finally got a phone through work on Tuesday. It's a fancy one that you can check Internet and email on and all that fun stuff. Then last night, he accidentally dropped it in the dog's water bowl. The man is a walking accident. Fortuneatly for him, the Bindery has hazard insurance for all the phones......They will get their money's worth just with Jon.

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Asha said...

HAHA!!! That is too funny! Poor phone.