Monday, June 30, 2008

Asking for Help

Since I have seen the wedding video myself, I am appalled at how big I have gotten. To top it all off, my thighs were raw from rubbing together all day, and my knees were killing me. So this morning, I got out of the house before work and took a 30 minute walk with the baby, sweating my butt off the whole time. But since I have said before that I want to lose weight, I am wondering if you all would be able to help me:

I saw this idea on Rachael Ray, and thought it was a good one.
I would like you guys to SPONSOR my weight loss. This is not about money. When I say Sponsor, I mean, pledger to do something that helps keep me motivated. As an example, "fill in the blank" will shave their head when I have lost 15 pounds, and "Fill in the blank #2" will come with me to Six Flags when I have lost 20 pounds. And if someone REALLY DID offer to shave their head or something at a certain weight loss mark, and other people really wanted to see that, then you would sponsor the pounds that came before that to really motivate me to get to that goal. Does this make sense?
More than anything, I want to be healthy-For my family and my friends-and I want to set a good example to Kyan. But I need help, because I have tried to lose weight in the past, and I am just NOT motivated-I GENERALLY eat healthfully, but I have huge issues with portion control and ice cream. And I hate to exercise. BUT, I can make all the excuses that I want...but they are just excuses.
If anyone is willing to help me, I will happily post updates on my blog, as well anyone who offers to sponsor me at a certain weight loss point and what they pledged, etc.
I estimate myself to be about 185 pounds at the moment (which is under my pre-pregnancy weight with Kyan, if you can believe that), and would like to lose approximately 50 pounds, though I am not so concerned with the total weight loss as I am with being healthy and getting down to a Size 8. I am currently a Size 14.
And here is an unflattering pic of me to give you an idea:
So if you'd like pledge something/anything (be creative!), please do so in the comments section.

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