Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hello, pretty people-

I have either been too sick or busy to post...Which one is it? BOTH.

The cold that refuses to die has come back to haunt me again. I called out of work yesterday because I was feeling too crappy.

Father's Day was nice. I got up, made JOn breakfast, and we laid around. We went to go a see a matinee movie ("Don't mess with the Zohan"), which was both funny and stupid.....many ongoing gags involving Hummus. I love walking in with a baby and having other movie goers inwardly groan, only to have Kyan not make a peep the entire movie! We've seen three movies with him this way---He usually just falls asleep. And no, we don't see anything raunchy or violent if he is with us.....Then we went out to dinner with Jon's parents to a nice restaurant in Sunderland called "The Blue Heron", which was also quite nice. I got Jon a t-shirt that says "Jacobsen 1.0", and a romper for Kyan that says "Jacobsen 2.0".

I gave Kyan a haircut yesterday (all on my own!)...It's very hard to cut the hair of a moving target. It's not perfect, but Kyan's hair grows so fast, I can't be spending $10-$15 every time he needs a haircut (which is often-Wolfman, here we come!)

We also just got a new bed delivered today....We purchased the Budget version of a Tempur-Pedic...it's The BOBo-pedic! Can't wait to try it out tonight!

And since I know your just here for the pics of Mr. Uber-Adorable, here ya go:

Thoughtful Kyan:

Happy Kyan:

Kyan wishes you Namaste:

I have TOYS!

What are you looking at?

No photographs, please-This is a restricted area:

Kyan in profile:

Kyan's Hair after the haircut:

Pics of the TOOTH-You can just see it coming up now, even though I have been able to feel it for over a week:


Dyar Baby Momma said...

How's the bed? Sorry you aren't feeling well - go away cold!

His hair is so long, no wonder you needed to cut it - it looks great you did a good job.

Amelia loves to shut doors to, particularly the fridge when I'm trying to get stuff into it. I can't believe our angels will be 1 next month. Crazy.

Asha said...

I love the picture where he has hair in his mouth. Peyton eats mine all the time!!

Great job on cutting his hair!! I don't do that anymore since I royally f-ed up Logan's hair