Monday, June 30, 2008

Sponsors so far

I know, you are AMAZED at the plethora of posts today....

Okay-I weighed myself at lunch (which was a salad, by the way, with fresh picked lettuce from the garden)-My Start weight is: 185

Because I have awesome friends, here are the sponsors I have so far:

180 lbs: Amelia , my super scrap booking friend, will lose the first 5 lbs with me, then buy me 5 new songs on ITunes to keep me motivated. I will be taking her on a roller coaster at Six Flags :-)

167 lbs-Kelly , hysterical blogger and PhotoShop enthusiast, has offered to frame a picture of Kyan, as long as I send her the pic.

165 lbs: Asha , The tutu maker extraordinaire, will give me a $25 gift card to Victoria's Secret.

145 lbs: Melody, who is a FABULOUS sewer, has offered to make me a dress of my choosing.....I want something fun and twirly! :-)

There are a few more people who want to sponsor, they just need to pick the weight goal they want to sponsor.

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