Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 3 of THE DIET

Okay, so I will be weighing myself once a week, just in case you are curious.

I have gone a walk every day since Monday, and went on TWO walks yesterday. I am doing Weight Watcher, so I can hold myself accountable for what I eat.
1 blueberry yogurt
1 small bunch of organic grapes
1.5 cups pasts with .5 cup pasta sauce
6 oz poached salmon with 1 tsp mustard butter, wilted Kale and Lettuce with peas sauteed in Olive Oil, and roasted chickpeas
1.5 cups fresh, organic local strawberries for dessert

So I feel pretty good so far....Jon ate all the oreos left in the house so I would not have the this is what I am going through at the moment:

(Thank you, dooce)


Amelia said...

That clip is SO funny! You're doing great so far! Me...not so much! Sean was dying for ice cream last night...I held him off from getting some for 2 hours...but then finally gave in and let him get some. :( Damn poor will power!

Jessica said...

sounds like a good start! keep it up my friend!