Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today is tougher

I am exhausted's really hard to feel motivated today......I went out for a walk this morning (Thank Goodness the humidity seems to have abated some), but it was shorter than the walks I took the last couple of days, and all I could think about was goign back home and goign to sleep (Not that I have time for a nap, mind you).

So that is where I am at today.......

Tomorrow will be easier, I think....I plan on walking, and I won't be counting points tomorrow because we are having friends over and I am making a butt load of food.....Granted, it's healthy:
Quinoa Southwestern salad
Wheatberry and Olive tapenade
Tomato and mozzerella salad
Grilled polenta
Black bean salad-has tomoato, corn, onion, black beans, and avocado

chicken sausage and fish
S'mores for dessert

So it could be worse, really, I am just not going to worry tomorrow-it's a holiday, I've made all the food, and I want to I will keep up my exercise tomorrow, and otherwise be back on track on Saturday and Sunday...I already have one of my meals for Sunday planned and how many points I will need for it-I am meeting friends in Boston for a picnic lunch.

SO that is where I am at...not terribly motivated, exercise wise right now, but sticking to my points....I am having a hamburger tonight, so I know my lunch options are limited....probably another salad.....

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