Saturday, July 5, 2008

Skinny Pic motivation

Okay, I have had a lot of people tell me I need to find a pic of myself at a weight where I was really happy with the way I looked...SO then I started going through old photos.....took a little trip down memory lane.....So here are a couple photos to give you all an idea of what I would like to END UP looking like, and also just a couple that jogged important memories....

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165 lbs: When I get to this goal, JOn has said he will give up cheese for year. If you know Jon and the love affair he has with cheese, this is a BIG DEAL.

This is me in high school, circa 1997, I believe. I am probably 130-135 here...not really sure. In high school, I would never have typically worn a dress like this, but I was performing a scene from "No Exit", in which my very vain character finds she is in Hell, and her Hell has no mirrors. But look-tummy is flat! And my boobs-they don't touch my knees! I am kind of thinking this may not be the most realistic goal (I am also pretty sure I remember sucking in my stomach ALL DSAY LONG that day).

This is right before I left for a semester in London my senior year of college, 2001. I lost 20 lbs that summer on the Atkins Diet, and I think I am between 140-145 lbs, though probably closer to 145. I am a bit hippier, but I think this is an acheivable goal, and one I would be perfectly happy with.

Okay, really, I just like how thin my face is in this one.....LOOK! I have a chin! Just one! Not multiple chins!

Nostalgic pics:
September 11, 2001
I am standing on the stage of Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London. This was the first day of my internship (You also can't tell by the ugly outfit, but I am about as skinny as in the pic above this one). My friend took this picture, I got off the stage to walk over to the office where I would be doing my work, and the program organizer came in with a very grave look on her face, and I thought for sure she would tell us one one of us had broken something already and we were all on thin ice. But no......they said they Twin Towers had been hit by planes in NYC, and we should go straight back to our flats and wait for news. And be sure NOT to draw attention to ourselves as Americans.


This one is for Melody......I love this pic...I hated high school, but I AM glad I made such good friends. Few friendships are perfect, and ours most certainly is not, but I could not ask for a better friend over the years. And YES, I was known to be one of THOSE Renaissance Faire dorks:

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