Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekly Weigh In

At Weigh In this morning, I was: 179.6 lbs. YAY! I made it to my first sponsored goal of 180! Wahoo! Unfortunately, I could not go walking this morning because it is raining out....BUT, I plan to keep plugging along.

I have another sponsor:
For every 10 lbs I lose, my friend Ryan will put a $50 savings bond into Kyan's Cillege Education Fund. That's a total of $250 if I lose all 50 lbs!

150 lbs: My friends Marcie and Chad (the very same ones I married a couple weeks ago!) will buy me a new shirt or something pretty when I get to 150 lbs.

The weekend was good and fairly relaxing...Now it's back to the grind.....

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