Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekly Weigh In-July 21

AT today's weigh in, I was 177.2, so I lost just over 2 lbs this week (last week I was at 179.6). It is EXTREMELY gratifying to see the scale going down, even in these small increments.

I continue to walk every weekday, and usually walk on weekends too, since we end up doing something where we just walk around.

Since I met my first goal of 5 lbs, my friends Amelia and Sean got me an Itunes Gift Card. I used it to buy "An Inconvenient Truth" on Itunes :-)

I have some cute pics to post of a trip to the park with Kyan from this past week, so as I soon as I get a chance to upload them, they will be on here.

Jon is currently in Alabama for a business trip, but will be home late tonight.....

Jon has a conference in Pasadena, Ca in September, and it looks like I will get to go with him!! SO Excited--I have never been to the West Coast! I am already working on scheduling a meet-up with a few of the girls from my message board who live in Southern California...

I also made a table skirt for my kitchen table. I ALSO got some silk dupioni to make myself a sling.....You may recall a post from last fall where I made myself a puch sling using Chiense silk. I saw these fabulous silk slings on ....but they are SUPER expensive......and I thought..hey, I could do that.....SO I have saffron and sherry colored dupioni silk to make a double sided ring sling.......Please visit the website and take a look at their slik slings, and tell me if they are appealing to you as an individual, and how much you think a reasonable price would be for one......because I know I could do it more cheaply, but the fabric itself is still expensive, but perhaps it would be a business avenue worth exploring? Please let me know your thoughts....

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